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About Me

When I was a teenager I remember thinking people in their 50s seemed really old and their lives must be really boring.   However having lived through my 50s and reached the grand old age of 60, I have to say I was very, very wrong!

Since turning 50 I have started two new business, learned new skills, tried new hobbies and visited several countries for the first time.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and found that life is far from boring, in fact 10 years later at the age of 60 I’m just starting a new … and exciting phase.

I spent the best part of 30 years in jobs I found boring, I put my children first and let my own health and wellbeing take a back seat. As I entered my 50s I really started to think about my lifestyle. I wanted to feel good, look good and enjoy life to the full.  I wanted to spend more time doing things I enjoyed and I wanted to earn money working from home and have work fit around me, and not me fitting around work.

I started an ebay business selling vintage items that I found in auctions, charity shops and car boot sales which really fulfilled me for 6 years until the pandemic hit and sales slowed due to a lack of stock. I had already started The Geordie Grandma Blog to document my ebay journey and later to write about my newfound interest in makeup, skincare, clothes, travel and my beautiful grandchildren. So when I discovered there were lots of women our there just like me, in their 50s. who were unsure what life had to offer next I decided to use the blog to help inspire those women so they could start to feel good, look good and enjoy life after 50. The blogging led me down the path to starting my own Youtube channel so I could reach a wider audience … and it also gave me a new exciting project to work on!

I love to work with brands and businesses who want to include women over 50 in their customer base so If you think you have a product or service that’s a good fit for those women and The Geordie Grandma please take a look at my Work With Me page for more information on how we can collaborate to make sure women over 50 continue to feel good, look good and enjoy life.