The Body Shop Review

The Body Shop Face & Body Skincare Range Ideal for Women Over 50

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I remember when The Body Shop first opened back in the seventies.  Everyone got their gift baskets for Christmas and birthdays.  Those plastic bottles with the green labels packed into wicker baskets stuffed full of shredded paper – they were hugely popular.  But over the years it seemed to get a bit ‘old hat’.  I’ve only bought a couple of things from The Body Shop over the last few years … I love their Tea Tree Oil Sticks and have recently discovered their foundation … but generally I’ve gone elsewhere for my skin and body care products.  But this Christmas hubby surprised me with a lovely selection of The Body Shop’s Oils of Life Skincare Range and their Almond Milk & Honey Body Range.   It’s a skincare range ideal for women over 50.

He asked the assistant in the Metrocentre branch for help and said she was very helpful.  She asked him what type of skin I had (I’m always going on about my dry skin so he couldn’t possibly forget that), and she also asked him if I used skin products (he can see the lotions and potions on my dressing table so he couldn’t forget that either!).  Then she asked him how much he wanted to spend and told him they had a 40% off sale on so he got even more for his money.   These are the products he presented me with on Christmas morning.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Skincare Range

First of all I have to say I really like the packaging.  No more cheap looking plastic bottles.  Most of the skincare products come in amber coloured glass jars packaged into well designed boxes that look great on my shelf, and the products were all packed into a 100% natural reusable jute pouch.

This luxurious Oils of Life range is enriched with a blend of three seed oils: black cumin, camelia and rosehip, and smells absolutely gorgeous – very spa-like.  I’ve been using it for nearly five weeks now so here’s my thoughts.

Intensely Revitalising Cream

Intensely Revitalising Moisturiser Day Cream

A rich and silky daily cream that melts into the skin for a light and non-greasy finish.  I’m using this as my daily morning moisturiser before I apply primer and foundation.  You don’t need a lot as it covers well.  Apparently it’s supposed to reduce the signs of aging … luckily I don’t have many wrinkles (good genes I think … or maybe years of using moisturiser) but it definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished.

Intensely Revitalising Eye Cream-Gel

Oils of Life Eye Gel

A light gel type cream which you pat into the area under your eyes to help combat dark circles and puffy bags making your eye contours look revitalised and more radiant.  The gel feels very refreshing on application and while it feels a little sticky it does sink into your skin very nicely.  The directions say to use daily as a cream to revive radiance or weekly as a mask to nourish intensely.  I tend to use it in my night-time cleansing and moisturising routine and while I don’t really suffer from eye bags too much I do feel that my dark circles have improved.

Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion


Oils of Life Essence Lotion

An oil and water formula that leaves skin feeling softened and instantly replenished with moisture.  I use a toner after cleansing and I always feel like my face is crying out for more than just moisturiser afterwards, so this has become a favourite addition to my skincare routine.  I pour some onto a cotton pad and apply to my face before using the moisturising cream.  It really has made a difference to my dry skin.

Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

Facial OilThe oil comes in a bottle with a little drop applicator and the directions say to massage 1 to 2 drops into your face and neck every morning and evening before your moisturising cream.  I’ve never been a big fan of oils on my face but this doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy like some oils do.  I’ve been using it a couple of times a week at night-time and definitely notice a difference on the mornings after I do this.  My skin looks really smooth and visibly brighter.   Note to self:  use it every night!

Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream

Oils of Life Sleeping CreamI absolutely love this cream.   The box says it leaves your skin looking rested and revitalised, feeling velvety soft and more supple.  I have to agree that it really does, plus that gorgeous spa-like smell is divine when you’re falling asleep.

Twin-Ball Revitalising Facial Massager

Oils of Life Twin Ball MassagerOn first sight I really wasn’t sure what this was for!  But it has become one of my favourite skincare tools.  The massager is supposed to improve skin tone and circulation, and reduce puffiness and wrinkles and is apparently a facial dance workout.  There’s a massage routine printed on the lid of the box so it was easy to figure out what to do with it.  I was quite amazed.  The metal balls feel very cold on your skin so you can actually feel it tightening as you massage.  The routine leaves your face feeling like it’s been splashed with very cold water.  Very refreshing and revitalising.  I use it a couple of times a day and absolutely love it.  The best phallic looking gift I’ve ever been given 🙂

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Bath & Body Care Range

Gently Exfoliating Cream Scrub

Almond Milk & Honey Body ScrubThe Almond Milk & Honey range is specially formulated for sensitive dry skin.  Again this is a skincare range ideal for women over 50 (the menopause plays havoc with your skin!).  I’ve never been one for using body scrubs as I’ve always found them quite messy, but I’ve found two in the last year that I really like.  The Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish and this Cream Scrub from The Body Shop.   I feel the Tropic one is more of a once a month intense scrub to really get your skin buffed, but the Body Shop scrub I use a couple of times a week.  It has a very creamy texture and is quite a delicate scrub but still leaves your skin feeling very smooth.  And it smells heavenly.  Definitely a lovely addition to my shower routine.

Soothing & Caring Shower Cream

Almond Milk & Honey Shower CreamThis is a soap-free shower cream, specially formulated to respect your skin’s natural moisture barrier.  It has a lovely creamy texture, gives a good lather and leaves my skin feeling soft as well as clean.

Soothing & Restoring Body Butter

Almond Milk & Honey Body ButterI normally use a moisturising body cream after a shower so I was a bit wary when I saw the body butter.  It’s a rich body butter to soothe, restore and protect sensitive, dry skin.  It has a very thick consistency and I wasn’t sure it was going to massage into my skin very well … but I was mistaken.  I used too much on my first try, you really don’t need a lot of it as a little does go a long way.  My skin feels really smooth and soft afterwards and like all the other products mentioned here smells gorgeous.  I’m a definite convert to body butter now.

Hubby definitely did a good job choosing my Christmas present.  I really do like The Body Shop goodies.  My only complaint would be that the writing on the products is really tiny and I had to use my magnifying glass to read some of them!  I know companies need to add a lot of text about different things but I’d love it if they made the ‘How to Use’ bit much bigger.  But other than that I honestly think this is a skincare range ideal for women over 50.

The Body Shop are vegetarian friendly and a lot of their products are even vegan friendly, and they’re also a cruelty-free company which is always a plus point.

If you’ve tried any of The Body Shop Oils of Life or the Almond Milk & Honey range, let me know what you think.